The aim of the Veterans Motorcycle Club (Federal) is to extend Brotherhood and support to all Members and their families.

The Federal Chapter however takes it much further.

The Federal Chapter is over 22 years old and for much of that time has put considerable effort into fundraising for Veterans and the community in general to assist worthy causes. In fact aside from the last two years, due to restrictions, the Chapter raised more than $220,000 dollars in just over a decade.

The recipients of these funds have been from a broad cross section of the capital region and include:

  • Queanbeyan Sleep Bus
  • St Benedict’s Queanbeyan
  • Queanbeyan and Cooma Hospitals
  • Domestic Violence Services NSW
  • MS Australia
  • Braidwood Education Trust
  • Veterans Lounge – The Canberra Hospital
  • Vietnam Veterans Federation ACT

Additionally the Chapter takes on other support activities within the region to help out and has a particularly good relationship with the Queanbeyan Pelarang Regional Council (QPRC).

Most recently the club has committed to hosting a regular coffee catch up on Saturday mornings to provide a contact point for Veterans and their families (see the previous blog post about the Bunker).

The Veterans MC Federal Chapter have an open door policy for Veterans and their families with the club being open every second Friday night for the official Social Sips and often on the alternate Friday evening for a less formal catch up. You will find many groups and individuals attending Sips and other events such as Gods Squad CMC, Patriots MMC, Veteran politicians such as Jeremy Hansen, Jacqui Lambie and Luke Gosling as well as QPRC officials. Every now and then members of the Wiggles (past and present) even put in an appearance.

The importance of contact, purpose and support cannot be overstated in the Veteran Community and it is something that the Chapter takes very seriously, to quote club President Bones…”if we help even one Veteran then it is worth it”.

The club has all the regular social media accounts so you can keep up with what is happening:

Oh, and we often ride motorcyles…Mork